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KBTNC Objective

  1. 1. To provide a broad-based education for preparation of nursing personnel at both basic and advanced levels who can function in a wide variety of Health Care settings and make their distinctive contribution in all branches of nursing for promotion of health, prevention of diseases, care during illness and maintenance of positive health.

  2. 2. To prepare a corps of well-qualified nurses for leadership positions to assume responsibilities in nursing and to do pioneer work of a creative nature for the development of human and scientific health care system.

  3. 3. To promote the deeper study of nursing with a view to generate new perspectives, and about innovative approaches to deal with problems encountered in nursing and health field.

  4. 4. To maintain a centre of excellence for the pursuit of higher studies in nursing and act as a pace-setting institution to strive to give direction to nursing, to serve better to the contemporary and future needs of nursing development.

  5. 5. Right from its inception, Kusha Bhau Thakre Nursing College has set before in an ideal of excellence in academic courses as well as services to the society as a result of which it may truly become holistic in its outlook and approach to meet the health needs of the country.